When Pharaoh summoned his soldiers to intimidate, occupy and murder the male infants of Bani Israel, he forgot that leadership was not a privilege, far from it, leadership was a responsibility. Pharaoh made one grave mistake, he forgot who was really in charge. He forgot he was embarking on a mission which would end in a nightmare, because his intentions were full of corruption.

He was temporarily given his reign, only to return back to to Allah, AlMuhsi, The Accounter, The One who counts every injustice committed to the oppressed.

He forgot that Allah is AlBa’ith, The Raiser of the Dead, that every single child will rise on The Day of Judgement and ask the oppressors for what reason were they killed? Every mother will question, for what reason was she deprived?

Was it greed, or power? Will there be any point of this glitter and glamour, when we’ll experience the blowing of the trumpet, and the shattering of the skies? What will speak for us on that day, except for our faith, persistence and kind treatment of others?

The oppressors can plan, they can plot, but Allah is AlMuntaqim, and He will avenge every death, for He is fair, and those who fail to reflect upon their horrific actions will eventually be sorrowful due to their crimes.

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  • beardsandankles:


    Babar Ahmad is being sentenced in court in the US this Wednesday 16th July. He is looking at 25 years imprisonment.

    This is Ramadhan so PLEASE make dua that the sentence is minimum - Allah Almighty is controller of the hearts and all affairs.

    Babar has requested that anyone that knows him or anything about the case to make dua.

    Please share with others.

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  • As-salamu alaykum, I am currently facing difficulties in my life and kindly request your dua.JazakAllahu Khayran.
    AnonymousAsked by Anonymous

    wa ‘alaykumasslaam wa rahmatullah, may Allah ‘azza wa jal make your affairs easy for you, aameen! I will keep you in my du’a, insha Allah. :)

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  • Every problem was created with a solution, and every solution can be found within the Names and Attributes of Allah (subhanahu wa ta ‘ala). Whenever we think we are alone, then know that we are far from it, because our Creator encompasses every emotion we experience, the question is, have we recognised His magnificence within our blessings and trials. Do we recognise His majesty as we are thrown within the deep end?

    It is through the Names and Attributes of Allah (subhanahu wa ta ‘ala) that we are able to recognise our needs and how through Him, every need has the ability to be fulfilled.

    For example, when the Bani Israel were treated unjustly by Pharaoh, through murder, abuse, occupation, racism, what were they in need of? Justice and they received it, because Allah is Al ‘Adl, the Most Just. He have them hope, when they were the most broken nation.

    When the leaders around the world fail to fulfil their duties to the oppressed, then who are we in need of? Allah, AlMuhaymin, The Protector. He will grant us security and He will affirm the truth of the aggressors and the peace makers. He will protect us, when everyone else let’s us down.

    When Dawud (may Allah be pleased with him) faced Goliath, he was facing a giant, an army with resources he was unable to match, they had ‘rockets’ when he had rocks, but he had a source of assistance Goliath could not beat, Allah, AlFattah by his side. The One who gives victory, He is The Opener of doors and avenues that we couldn’t even imagine.

    When Asiya (may Allah be pleased with her) was beaten to a pulp, when she was abused by the one she thought would aid her, then who was recording her ordeal? Allah, As Shaheed, The Witness and we still live with her story today. Through her we gather our hope, and fly amidst the greatest pain of betrayal, torture and obsession for power.

    Our history is scarred by injustice, but it is also full of healing. Through these scars we learn to turn to Allah, as through Him we will gain true victory. It is through the dark nights we must venture, and we cannot, we must not be fooled by darkness, because it is the trap of Iblis to make us lose hope.

    If we truly believe in Allah (subhanahu wa ta ‘ala), if we truly want Him, we must sincerely ask Him and we must trust Him, and if we do, then know that Allah, Al Qadir has the ability to change the direction of history just for you, and me. He will guide us, we must believe in His promise, because Allah (subhanahu wa ta ‘ala) says:

    “So those who believe in Allah and hold fast to Him – He will admit them to mercy from Himself and bounty and guide them to Himself on a straight path.” - [Qur’an, 4:175]

    He will guide from darkness to light.

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  • We all possess something which causes us excruciating bodily pain, it can be an ear ache, a tooth ache, or a sour throat. No doubt it’s minimal compared to the sufferings around the world, but to us, it’s incredibly painful. For me, it’s painful ear aches, which have pursued me throughout out my childhood, and now in my adulthood, causing me to reflect.

    And one of the benefits of pain is reflecting over the state of others, here are a set of lessons which have given me hope, as I’m waiting for the pain to pass.

    1) Trust the One that changes fate - One thing which always struck me was the care and concern my parents had, they’d worry, they would ensure I had taken my medicine and constantly ask if I’m okay, but that’s all they could do, because much as my parents and now my husband love me, when it comes to my ear aches, they are unable to change fate.

    It is these moments of realisation you learn to turn to your Creator, Al Shafi’i as He is the Curer of Allah, He is the One and only whom we can put *all* our trust in, during our trials.

    2) Everything is interlinked - I find it hard to function, to work, and to sleep and it’ll take a lot of effort to push myself to take action, because the pain is all encompassing. Similarly, the Prophet ﷺ said: “The similitude of believers in regard to mutual love, affection, fellow-feeling is that of one body; when any limb of it aches, the whole body aches, because of sleeplessness and fever.” [Muslim]. The Ummah is one body, if they hurt, we hurt, and if the pain of oppressed isn’t affecting us, we need to question our own eman.

    It must matter.

    3) We feel loved - When my parents show me love, their care sends me a sign that I’m not neglected. Likewise, Allah is Al Wali, He is our Protecting Friend, and loves those who extend their loving, compassionate hands to others through mutual love and friendship. If you want to be loved during your time of need, then show love to others, it is what gives them hope in mankind, the lens which reminds them of Allah’s mercy.

    4) Change what is in your control - If they’re hurting, the pain should motivate us change what is in *our* control. For instance, we’ll invest in a trip to the Doctors, take our medicine, because only a fool allows their illness to deteriorate, when they has the power to change their fate.

    This occurs in various forms; du’a, a visit, advise, awareness, financial aid, and in the case of worldly sufferings, political participation through contacting influential figures and attending demonstrations.

    If we stay silent it will catch up with us, in this life, or the next, and if we take action, His mercy will embrace us in so many ways, when we need Him most.

    5) Don’t be angry - Have you ever been to the hospital and waited for over three hours to be taken in? Or had your phone stolen, informed the Police, and had rubbish service? It’s moments like this when our annoyance, anger, violence, bad language can hinder our progress, or worse defeat the purpose of our cause or visit. Allah is AlHakeem and He loves those who use wisdom.

    The Prophet ﷺ said that patience is a light [Muslim]. During the darkness, our patience will guide us, and our vehemence will blind us.

    Allah is AlMajid, The Illustrious, The Magnificent. We hold so much talent in our community that *needs* to be used effectively. We can alleviate the pain of others, by putting our unique skills into effective use. Our productivity sabotages the efforts of our oppressors, and our anger and violence fuels their corrupt goals. We possess the ability to be epic in our responses, rather than embarrassing ourselves and hindering our goals.

    We have the choice, so, be epic!

    6) “With difficulty comes ease,” [Qur’an 94:6] - It always ends, the pain that is, it’s a cycle of purification and reminder to be grateful, and have patience, because God knows best. He is As Sabur, and He is Ash Shakur, and when the world seems like it is crashing down upon us, know that this life is a test, what matters are our responses, because the next life awaits us all.

    Discomfort in this life is inevitable, let embrace it and use it to gain closeness to Allah through our proactiveness in His cause. I end with a verse which gives me hope for all those suffering around the world, Allah says in the Qur’an: “Indeed, the patient will be given their reward without account.” [Qur’an, 39:10]

    Allah is Ar Raqeeb, The Watchful, He knows and this is one of the greatest comforts to us all.

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